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Photos by Christina Greve
Photos by Christina Greve

Dear Photographer, Dear Creative Soul

Every second you spend doubting your worth, and every moment you use to criticize yourself, is a valuable moment of your life thrown away.

I promise you, if you want to live a happy, creative life – judging yourself is NOT the way to go!

Don’t waste any more of your precious time; don’t throw one more of your moments away. Don´t spend more time on negative stuff!

Today is the best day to start loving yourself and trust that you are AMAZING, UNIQUE and FABULOUS!

With Love,

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How To Make Your iPhone Photos Bright & Sharp Thu, 15 Jan 2015 16:52:12 +0000
Tutorial By Christina Greve

If you wonder how to create, professional-looking, beautiful, bright and sharp photos with your iPhone – this tutorial is for you.

Everyday iPhone snapshots tend to be dark, full of shadows and sometimes also with a yellow tint caused by artificial light – even daylight can cast a yellow light over your iPhone photos. You might like or dislike this look depending on your taste.

However you like your photos, to look, is 100% up to you. When it comes to editing photos nothing is right or wrong, and we all have different taste – thank goodness for that :-)

But If you wish for a “cleaner” and more bright look, all, you have to do, is to follow this tutorial.

The thing that most people do “wrong” is they add a filter or even more than one filter and leave it at that. In some cases, it works out perfect and can save a photo, but in some instances, it looks a bit overdone.

Editing iphone photos

To get professional looking photos follow these 3 steps:

#1. Before you begin to take a photo with your iPhone, make sure you have the best light available to you. Stand close to a window if you are inside and turn off all artificial light in the room. Walk around your home to find the most beautiful light – it can easily vary from room to room depending on the time of day.

#2. Start your editing process using basic adjustments like brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, sharpening and so on.

#3. If you think, your photo, still need something extra apply a filter as a finishing touch. The secret to working with filters is only to add a little. Always lower the effect you add to avoid overdoing it.

How to edit iPhone Photos

What photo editing app to use:

In this tutorial, I use Afterlight. But you can easily use the Instagram app or the VSCO app – both have excellent basic adjustment tools.

What camera app to use:

I mostly use iPhones own camera app – the square format. It can create beautiful and sharp photos as long as you have enough good daylight available.

If I have trouble controlling highlights or shadows, which sometimes happens when there´s too much or not enough light, I like to use the Camera+ app.

The tutorial:

Below you see each step in details. Remember that your photos are different from one another depending on the conditions they are photographed in and therefore need different things. Not all your photos will require all of the steps below.

Be open to experimenting and use your eyes to see if you add too much or to little of an effect. It will get much easier with time, I promise.

1. After you´ve taken your photo upload it to Afterlight or any other app with basic adjustments.

2. Follow the instructions below.

NB: Please notice that in some of the steps the adjustment made is tiny and hard for the eyes to see. That´s because it is the best way to edit  for a beautiful look; many small steps until you are happy with the result. Even though it looks like many steps, it only takes 1-2 minutes to do it :-)

How to edit iPhone photos

How to edit iPhone photos

How to edit iPhone photos

3. If you wish to add a finishing touch now is a good time. But remember a little goes a long way.

How to edit iPhone photos

4. Save your photo or upload it to Instagram. Feel free to tag me @christinagreve if you want me to see your result :-)

You can follow me on Instagram here.

Have FUN!


PS. Registration for my online lifestyle photography workshop will open up next week – get on the waiting list here.

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Easy Homemade Granola with Honey Wed, 14 Jan 2015 15:57:57 +0000
Photo by Christina Greve

Today I made Granola. It makes plain yogurt so much more interesting and it´s quick, healthy + easy to make.

There´s many great ways to make Granola. The recipe I share with you today is simple. I often make it for breakfast or as a snack and only make enough for one or two servings. I like it fresh and crispy.

Preparation time is only 3-5 minutes!


[ enough for two servings ]

  • ½ cup oats
  • ½ cup raw nuts
  • ½ cup raw seeds (sunflower or pumpkin seeds are great)
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil or butter
  • ½ tsp vanilla

Put everything into a frying pan set over medium-high heat. Cook, stirring often, for about 3-5 minutes, or until the granola is well coated and golden.

Set aside to cool for a few minutes and serve with yogurt.

(I added some Chia seeds to my yogurt for extra energy and fullness).

With Love,

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Moodboard | Cosy Winter Tue, 23 Dec 2014 13:05:06 +0000
Moodboard | Cosy Winter

I wish you a wonderful Holiday season! May it bring you joy, happiness and everything else you deserve, and may it bring you closer to all those that you treasure in your heart♥


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New 2015 Facebook Page Rules + What It Means For Your Business Fri, 19 Dec 2014 09:45:31 +0000
By Christina Greve
By Christina Greve

I almost spilled coffee all over my french croissant this morning, when I read the latest Facebook news!

I know Facebook changes all the time, it is difficult to keep up for even the most competent social media expert. But this new change is important to know, so you can decide what you want to do about it.

I know many of my readers have their own Facebook Business page – just like me, so this one is for you.

From January 2015,  business pages will get even less organic reach from the unpaid marketing status updates they post on Facebook. This means that your posts will be seen by almost no one! If you do not pay to promote or boost your post, it’s hardly reaching anyone.

You have properly noticed how Facebook has been hiding your promotional posts for a while now. I´ve heard many photographers and business owners complain about this for most of 2014. Whether you have 100 followers, 300.000 or more you have most likely experienced a drop in likes on your unpaid posts – am I right? Personally I´ve seen a drop on my Facebook page and at times it can be pretty demotivating…eeiik!

The Wall Street Journal recently posted new research claiming that a page update now reaches only 2% of your followers and has, at best, a 0.5% response rate (“like” or other comment or share). Once Facebook changes in January, these numbers are likely to drop further.

The fact is that more than 80% of small businesses are using Facebook as their top marketing tool and many with great success. Now, the new change will make it more difficult for solo-entrepreneurs like photographers to reach potential customers via their Facebook pages – unless they pay.

Sounds frustrating?

I get you!

But here´s the thing….

As business owners, we must use obstacles as a chance to change things around in our business. When you meet a challenge look for the positive – find new ways to improve your workflow and boost your business even more. Be innovative and find new exciting ways to grow your reach and find your perfect clients.

But how you may ask……

I got 4 tips for you:

#1.  Give real value. Post content that serves your followers and fans

You can still try and make an effort to create incredible valuable organic updates on your Facebook page. Facebook “promise” if your content is relevant to your followers it might show up. So one solution is to experiment with “what it takes” to create good content for Facebook. No one knows how much of these organic posts will end up in people´s news feed – most likely none. But if you are low on cash in your marketing budget this is worth testing in January before you make a new strategy.

#2. Boost your business on other social media channels

It´s time to think in alternatives; Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, 500px and Flickr are all suitable options for photographers and other creatives. And if you make good use of google+ it will rank your website much higher when it comes to search optimization.

#3. Make use of Newsletters

Having your own list of subscribers is one of the most valuable assets in your business. Even if you have a small business or are just starting out, I cannot emphasize enough how important list-building is. It´s a safe choice, if you do it right. You can quickly get started with MailChimp – the first 2000 subscribers are free.

#4. Accept the new normal; pay to promote yourself

Accept and face a new reality. The faster you adjust and accept the new normal, the faster you will grow – and perhaps get ahead of the competition. Set a realistic budget. Find out how much can you spend monthly and then test Facebook ads + boosted posts. See what works. If it works – raise the amount, you spend. If it does not work; stop immediately and change the wording or the picture until it is successful.

As always I would love to hear what you think. What have your experiences been with running a Facebook business page – have you noticed a drop in your reach? Got any tips or ideas for new social media strategies? Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Take care,

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