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By Christina Greve
By Christina Greve

I almost spilled coffee all over my french croissant this morning, when I read the latest Facebook news!

I know Facebook changes all the time, it is difficult to keep up for even the most competent social media expert. But this new change is important to know, so you can decide what you want to do about it.

I know many of my readers have their own Facebook Business page – just like me, so this one is for you.

From January 2015,  business pages will get even less organic reach from the unpaid marketing status updates they post on Facebook. This means that your posts will be seen by almost no one! If you do not pay to promote or boost your post, it’s hardly reaching anyone.

You have properly noticed how Facebook has been hiding your promotional posts for a while now. I´ve heard many photographers and business owners complain about this for most of 2014. Whether you have 100 followers, 300.000 or more you have most likely experienced a drop in likes on your unpaid posts – am I right? Personally I´ve seen a drop on my Facebook page and at times it can be pretty demotivating…eeiik!

The Wall Street Journal recently posted new research claiming that a page update now reaches only 2% of your followers and has, at best, a 0.5% response rate (“like” or other comment or share). Once Facebook changes in January, these numbers are likely to drop further.

The fact is that more than 80% of small businesses are using Facebook as their top marketing tool and many with great success. Now, the new change will make it more difficult for solo-entrepreneurs like photographers to reach potential customers via their Facebook pages – unless they pay.

Sounds frustrating?

I get you!

But here´s the thing….

As business owners, we must use obstacles as a chance to change things around in our business. When you meet a challenge look for the positive – find new ways to improve your workflow and boost your business even more. Be innovative and find new exciting ways to grow your reach and find your perfect clients.

But how you may ask……

I got 4 tips for you:

#1.  Give real value. Post content that serves your followers and fans

You can still try and make an effort to create incredible valuable organic updates on your Facebook page. Facebook “promise” if your content is relevant to your followers it might show up. So one solution is to experiment with “what it takes” to create good content for Facebook. No one knows how much of these organic posts will end up in people´s news feed – most likely none. But if you are low on cash in your marketing budget this is worth testing in January before you make a new strategy.

#2. Boost your business on other social media channels

It´s time to think in alternatives; Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, 500px and Flickr are all suitable options for photographers and other creatives. And if you make good use of google+ it will rank your website much higher when it comes to search optimization.

#3. Make use of Newsletters

Having your own list of subscribers is one of the most valuable assets in your business. Even if you have a small business or are just starting out, I cannot emphasize enough how important list-building is. It´s a safe choice, if you do it right. You can quickly get started with MailChimp – the first 2000 subscribers are free.

#4. Accept the new normal; pay to promote yourself

Accept and face a new reality. The faster you adjust and accept the new normal, the faster you will grow – and perhaps get ahead of the competition. Set a realistic budget. Find out how much can you spend monthly and then test Facebook ads + boosted posts. See what works. If it works – raise the amount, you spend. If it does not work; stop immediately and change the wording or the picture until it is successful.

As always I would love to hear what you think. What have your experiences been with running a Facebook business page – have you noticed a drop in your reach? Got any tips or ideas for new social media strategies? Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Take care,

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[Blast From The Past Portraits] Magda Fri, 19 Dec 2014 08:48:53 +0000
Photo By Christina Greve
Photo By Christina Greve

This is Magda, a professional model I worked with in Paris a few years ago. She is Polish but lives and works in beautiful Paris.

I loved working with Magda. She posed incredible gracefully, had a great sense of humor and integrated perfectly in our little team. This photo happened when I suddenly had a spontaneous idea.

Our location; a beautiful Parisian apartment, had this amazing kitchen – I fell in love with the stove, so I asked Magda to jumps on top of it for a portrait. The props in the photo was there already, so no further styling was needed.

The kitchen only had a small window, therefore I did not had much light to work with. I asked Magda to face the window light, and in camera settings I raised ISO and shot wide open.

Photo By Christina Greve

Much Love,

PS. If you wish to master the art of posing and coaching women for fashion inspired photography, make sure to check out my Posing Guide.

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[Blast From The Past Portraits] Maja Sun, 14 Dec 2014 17:24:02 +0000
Photo By Christina Greve

This portrait was taken back in the Summer of 2010. I was doing boudoir and brides-to-be photo sessions in a exclusive boutique hotel on a HOT summer day.

One of the women turned out to be an old childhood friend whom I had not seen in 25 years. Despite the years, she looked just like she did back when we biked around in our old hood; super beautiful with lots of cute curls.

We sneaked out onto the hotel balcony to take a break and catch up, and while we talked, she suddenly closed her eyes to soak up the sun.

Right there and then I captured this portrait – it was such an honest, authentic moment.

Much Love,

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[Blast From The Past Portraits] Romy Thu, 11 Dec 2014 19:14:23 +0000
French Actress and Comedian Romy Milelli

I´ve been lucky to photograph some incredible women during my years as a photographer. I feel so blessed to have experienced their beauty, humor, laughs, joy, vulnerability, honesty and life stories.

In the next few weeks, I will go down memory lane and introduce you to some of them + show you some “blast from the past” photos of mine (some of them not shown before).

Here´s French actress and comedian Romy Milelli. I had the honor of photographing her a few years ago in Paris. Oh, dear I remember lots of laughter and dorky moments from this shoot.

Talk soon,

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Moodboard | Shades of Dark Blue Sun, 23 Nov 2014 20:54:18 +0000
Moodboard | Shades of Dark Blue

The wind is knocking eagerly on my window. It stresses my soul a little bit. I comfort myself with coffee, candles, and some soft music, while I write on my new project. I love sitting here in “mi casa” typing the lazy Sunday away. It´s cozy. It´s peaceful.

I look out of the window into complete darkness, and the only thing I see is my neighbor´s Christmas tree lighting up, reminding me that soon it will be December.

I love this time a year. Crispy fresh air and moody tones in the landscape. Mornings with pancakes and hot chocolate in bed. Early Christmas shopping with the kids and reading in front of the fireplace – not to mention; planning the new year.

My mind is already overflowing with exciting ideas for what I wish to accomplish and create in 2015. I get that butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling just thinking about it. From experience I know that to succeed with greatness I need to narrow my focus down to what really matters to me.

This year I have accomplished more than I thought was possible – thanks to careful planning and a lot of action-taking. My final goal for 2014 was to create a free course for my readers. I almost thought I wouldn’t make it – but I did! Yay! Despite a very busy year, I manage to create it.

Tomorrow I will begin “Jumpstart2015 – design your best year yet” with almost 2000 students on board! How amazing is that! I can only say that 2014 have been an incredible year, and I´m so happy to be able to give something back.

Much love,

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