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By Christina Greve
By Christina Greve

I´m in the mood for some new wallpapers! What about you?

I designed six  different backgrounds/screensavers for you to enjoy.

Just pick the one you like the best, and download the size you need.

Download Spring-Inspired Wallpaper (it´s FREE):

1. Hydrangea iMac | Hydrangea Mac 15-inch | Hydrangea Mac 13-inch

2. Hexagon Peonies iMac | Hexagon Peonies Mac 15-inch | Hexagon Peonies Mac 13-inch

3. This Moment iMac | This Moment Mac 15-inch | This Moment Mac 13-inch

4. Dark Hexagon iMac | Dark Hexagon Mac 15-inch | Dark Hexagon Mac 13-inch

5. Watercolor Peony iMac | Watercolor Peony Mac 15-inch | Watercolor Peony Mac 13-inch

6. Peony Wreath iMac | Peony Wreath Macbook 15-inch | Peony Wreath Macbook 13-inch


PS. Leave me a comment if you download. I love to hear which design you picked!

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The countdown has begun! Mon, 23 Feb 2015 13:55:31 +0000
By Christina Greve

Registration for my my 6-week online photography workshop are closing soon! I´m SUPER busy behind the scenes making everything ready and I can´t wait to motivate, guide and support my new students.

Come and join us and discover everything you need to know about:

Creative confidence
Personal photography style
Camera technique and gear
Working with natural light
Styling and storytelling
Lifestyle photography
Photographing flowers, still life and food
Styling and lighting for still life
Photographing Interior, nature and travel
Photoshop workflow
Lightroom workflow

+ All the BONUS training:

Professional retouching
Beautiful portraiture
Posing and coaching clients
Blogging for photographers
Marketing and branding
Social media kit
Getting published
Business success
and much, much more!

*** Unlimited access – study any place, any time at your own pace.

*** ASK unlimited questions – I will personally be there to guide you all the way!

Grab your seat today! Enroll here.

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Ultimate SPRING Photo Checklist Sun, 22 Feb 2015 12:02:09 +0000
Christina Greve
Christina Greve

Yes! Spring is slowly sneaking up on us. Thank goodness for that.

February has been long, dark, dull and cold, but today, the Sun is shining from a clear blue sky – a promise that warmer and brighter days are near.

Today is also my mom’s birthday. When I´m a few hours from now, enjoy coffee and cake with her, I´m sure she will talk about how excited she is to (finally) spend some time outside in her beloved garden.

If you are just as thrilled as me to get out and shoot some fantastic Spring photos during March, April and May, you can download this fun little photo checklist I made.

Use the checklist as inspiration to get you started with traditional Spring photo projects.

Do it as a challenge to get your creative juices flowing.

Most of all; have FUN and enjoy the Sun!


Happy shooting,

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Stop judging your talent by comparing your behind-the-scenes bloopers to somebody else’s highlight reel Sat, 21 Feb 2015 14:47:41 +0000
By Christina Greve

Dear Photographer, Dear Creative Soul

Do you sometimes feel your progress is slow?

Do you sometimes blame yourself for not being talented enough, and not doing enough with your career?

Oftentimes the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes circumstances with everyone else’s public highlight reel.

Everyone was once a beginner. Every photographer celeb was once a novice. Every top athlete was once out of shape. After all life is a process – a journey.

You must not be impatient; be supportive of yourself. STOP focusing only on how far you still have to go,  and take a moment to look at where you came from… you might be surprised by what you find…

To prove my point I will show you some of my old photos from 2009 when I started my journey in the world of photography. You´ll see clearly how my style has evolved over the past years.

Notice how my editing skills has developed and how my style has become more clean and contemporary. I simply can´t stop laughing when I look at these 2009 photos but at the same time I remember how I loved those pictures back then. I was experimenting and I was having FUN.

That´s ALL that really matters!

So my point is….

Forget what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live YOUR best life.

Your photography journey is about EXPERIMENTING, testing, trying, practicing until YOU are happy with the result.

The ONLY photographer you should compare yourself with is the one you used to be!

Much Love,

PS. If you want to take **CONTROL** over your photography skills, and build your amazing future as a creative passionista, enroll in the Lifestyle Photography Workshop today.  I will hold your hand and help you the best I can during this 6-week workshop. Registration closes VERY soon!

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