Setting Your Focus and Intentions for 2024

As much as I love a fresh start and the “New Year, New Me” idea, let’s be real; a wonderful life doesn’t start with new year’s resolutions. It starts with your daily FOCUS and what you give attention day by day.

Focus helps you control your mood, your energy and choose what you are thinking, feeling and doing. Where focus goes energy flows. So let’s commit to focusing on all the good stuff in 2024, and letting go of everything that holds you back and drains your energy. And let your focus naturally guide you to living a joyful life.

Know exactly WHAT to focus on

So before we move on, close your eyes for a moment… imagine yourself one year from now and see yourself feeling happy, peaceful, confident and living in your zone of genius.

What are you doing? Where are you? How do you think and act? How do you spend your time? Who are you surrounding yourself with? What do you value? What goals have you achieved?

With that vision in mind open your eyes and grab pen and paper. Now, write down what you want MORE of and what you want LESS of in 2024.

I’ve made a list to give you some inspiration, but there’s really no right or wrong way to do this. Listen to your heart – the heart always knows what the eyes can’t see.


  • Moments of resting & rejuvenation
  • Courage to take chances
  • Radical self-care & self-love
  • Wake up earlier
  • Deep breaths
  • Gratefulness for what you have
  • Resilience in overcoming obstacles
  • Long talks with friends and family
  • Long walks in nature
  • Creativity and art
  • Thankfulness for life
  • Appreciation of your body
  • Permission to just be
  • Stretching & mobility training
  • Mindfulness & slow living
  • Acceptance of yourself
  • Finding joy in small moments
  • Bravery in speaking your opinion
  • Experimenting & exploring
  • Reading real books
  • Empatic communication
  • Following your passions
  • Saving money & investing
  • Trust in your abilities & intuition
  • Being present in moment
  • Prioritizing for your peace of mind
  • Saying no to things that don’t serve you
  • Playfulness, fun and laughter
  • Thinking outside the box – being openminded
  • Kindness & compassion for yourself & others
  • Celebration and optimism
  • Adventures & seeing new places
  • Learning new skills
  • Manifesting your dream life
  • Taking action on your dream life


  • Worrying about stuff from the past
  • Worrying about things you can’t change
  • Overscheduling your life
  • Giving up on yourself
  • Comparing yourself to other people
  • Going small when you can go big
  • Attention to insecurities & setbacks
  • Stressing about small things
  • Trying to control things
  • Scrolling on Social Media before sleeping
  • Clutter in your home
  • Procrastinating on important things
  • Overspending on things you don’t really need
  • Overthinking everything
  • Blaming and critizing yourself
  • Worrying about what others think of you
  • Excuses that block you from taking action
  • Guilt for living life your way
  • Thinking you have to do more
  • Thinking you have to impress people
  • Believing you have to change to be loved
  • Guessing what people think
  • Running away or hiding
  • Screen time (TV, phone + Computer)
  • Taking things too seriously
  • Snoozing in the morning
  • Sugar and processed food
  • Drama & gossip
  • People pleasing

Remember, when you let go of something, you automatically create space in your life for something else, and it gives you energy to focus on all the things that will bring you happiness.

No matter what goals you set for the new year, no matter what you’ll FOCUS on in 2024, get into the habit of asking yourself;

“Does this support the life I’m trying to create? “

This simple question will be a helpful compass in navigating through every day of the year; until you have made the change you desire.

When you set personal goals for the new year remember this:

Be patient when becoming someone you haven’t been before.

Most people overestimate what they can do in a month or a week, and underestimate what they can do in a year.

Changing habits and behavior takes planning, self-compassion and constant re-adjusting: Give yourself the gift of patience.

With love, Christina

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About Christina Greve

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