The Fine Line Between Being Inspired & Being Overwhelmed

Over this delicious dinner with a friend we talked about information overload and how creative entrepreneurs are constantly being bombarded with tips, ideas, how-to’s, podcasts, blog posts, videos, and stories.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love that we have access to so much inspiration and knowledge. I´m a complete information junkie myself. I love to read and learn. Knowledge is fabulous.

But the downside is that it’s easy to lose your focus if you´re not careful. Be very selective in what you allow yourself to embrace, see, hear and listen to. You are the boss of your brain – you decide what to do with all the information and when to pull the plug and take a break.

Too much information can lead to confusion and frustration. Suddenly you find yourself doubting if you’re on the right path, wondering if you’re doing things the right way. You risk losing connection to your own inner compass and gut feelings.

There’s a fine line between being inspired and being overwhelmed. To navigate all the daily information and use it for optimal growth be sure to keep focus on your purpose and your life goal.

One huge trap to fall into is the idea that you need to follow specific strategies and steps recommended by experts, gurus and highly successful people. Of course, it´s great to seek inspiration and motivation – but know that it´s okay to do things your way.

I guess business success is found in the balance between following expert advice and doing your own thing. No matter what you’ll always be the secret sauce in your brand. So allow yourself to let your true personality shine.

There are no rules in life so why limit yourself to what everybody else is doing?

Pooh-poohing the rules can be so freeing and a refreshing way to spark your creativity too. Listen to your gut feelings and respect yourself enough to do things on your own terms.

5 Tips for Dealing with Information Overload

#1: Don’t feel obligated to spend hours and hours on social media if you rather spend your time doing other things. You don´t have to reply to ALL comments, you don´t have to post daily, and you don´t owe anyone your time!

#2: As the boss of your brain be VERY selective in what you spend time on. Your mind is super sensitive. Reduce access to whatever drains your energy and makes you feel bad. Allow yourself a break from the News, gossip, and negative people. Protect your creative mind at all costs.

#3: Remember, there’s a time for creating and a time for thinking. Avoid trying to create and research at the same time – it confuses the mind and slows you down. When you´re creating, make sure to block out all unnecessary information.

#4: Don’t let FOMO (the fear of missing out) control your mood or your life. It´s okay to let go and just focus on being in the moment doing something you love. It´s okay to take it slow and just doing nothing. Moments of doing nothing can help you become productive later as it recharge your creative mind and prepares you for thinking.

#5: Clear your desk, your desktop, and your head as much as you can. Turn off the computer and your phone for a little while to meditate and stretch. The renewed energy you gain from this will help you navigate through all the information you receive.

With love and passion,

About Christina Greve

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