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Fujifilm X-M1 Ten Year Anniversary Review: Is It Still Worth Buying?

On my hunt for the perfect pocket-sized camera I decided to dust off my 10 year old retro-looking Fujifilm Camera; the Fujifilm

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Is The Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii The Perfect Pocket-Sized Camera?

I love this tiny compact camera! The Canon G7x is ultra user friendly, shoot great photos in automode, produce excellent video content

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Testing The Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii Camera

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to find a small camera to bring with me on travels and walks. One that is

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The Healing Power Of Photography

Have you ever thought about using photography as a therapeutic tool? The creative process of photography can bring relief from stress, pain,

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How To Stay Calm In ANY Situation

Calmness is your superpower. Your ability to carry yourself with dignity and remain calm in the eye of a storm will empower

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Mindful Photography & Styling Workshops 2023

I love doing workshops! Imagine being surrounded by inspiring and creative women from all over the world, all united by a shared

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Tips For Photographing Your Dog

If there’s one thing my dogs love almost as much as food and sneaking into my bed, it’s being photographed. As a

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Edit Photos Like a Pro in 5 Steps

I LOVE editing photos. It’s my meditation and such a HUGE part of my creative style. I dare say that image editing is

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