Private Photography Workshop

Grow your photography skills AND your creative career SUPER fast with individual training. This private one day workshop is tailored around the specific areas you wish to focus on within photography, styling and editing. I'll teach you everything I know in the shortest amount of time, and show you exactly what to do to capture and create the images of your dreams.

1-Day Hands-On Photography Training:

  • 1 day from 10AM to 5PM, Including Lunch.
  • Private training designed to help you reach your dream photography goals, and push you to grow creatively.
  • Choose between topics like manual shooting, working with light, styling a scene, visual storytelling, dark & moody photography, bright & airy photography, Lightroom editing, Photoshop editing, food photography, flower photography, still life photography, portrait photography, content creation, Instagram training and iPhone photography.

The workshop takes place in my studio and home in Aarhus, Denmark. We will work with food, flowers, still life, props and different backgrounds and explore the best ways to style a scene full of atmosphere, as well as how to develop your own signature style and photography niche. The training can also be arranged as an outdoor field trip to explore beautiful parts of Denmark.This is perfekt if you're passionate about travel photography. In just a short walking distance from my home in Aarhus, we have amazing places like the Queens Castle, the Old Town, The Latin Quarter, The Deer Forrest, and the Coastline.

All levels are welcome. You can be a complete beginner or an experienced photographer, and you can work with any camera you prefer; a DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact Camera, or your Phone Camera. Creating beautiful images is not so much about the camera but more about all the creative aspects that goes on behind the scenes - which is what we will focus on in the workshop.

Travel, transportation and accommodations are not included. You'll find several nice hotels within a 10-15 minute walk from the workshop location.

Hotel suggestions: In the city center (and close to the main train station) I recommend; Hotel RitzVilla Provence, Hotel Oasis. For a budget friendly choice I recommend Wakeup which is just a quick walk from my house and with many lovely shops and restaurants in the area. And just outside the city you'll find; Hotel Helnan Marselis which is located directly at the beach next to the forrest, from this hotel you can walk along the beach to my house - about 15 minutes. To reserve a room simply contact your preferred hotel.

Airport & train station: If you arrive by plane Aarhus is approximately 1 hour drive from the nearest airport Aarhus Airport. And 1 hour drive from Billund Airport. From the airports you can take the airport bus directly to Aarhus center and then walk to your hotel. Tickets are sold on the bus. If you arrive at Copenhagen airport, you can take the direct train from the airport to Aarhus main station which takes about three hours. From the station you can walk to most hotels. 

Booking: Book your private workshop day by purchasing through the link below or by contacting me via If you have a specific date you wish to book, simply check in with me before you enroll. After purchasing I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a day for your unique workshop day.

Cancellation policy: Due to the involved planning the bespoke workshop is non refundable. Please make sure you have valid travel/hotel cancellation insurance as well as medical insurance. 


Special Offer when booking before the end of 2023. (the private workshop will take place during 2024). Payment available in 3 monthly installments. Price goes up after January 1st. 2024.

  • 1-Day: €1.599 (12.400 dkr)
  • 2-Days:  €2.698 - Save €500

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