Individual Coaching And Mentoring

Individual coaching, mentoring and hands-on training with Christina.

With 25 years of experience in mindset training and coaching, 12 years as a photography educator, and 30 years as an entrepreneur, Christina has coached thousands of creative women from more than 40+ countries. The coaching takes place in Christina's private residence and studio in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. 

Individual Coaching Session:

  • Transformational Life + Business Coaching for Creative Women (perfect for photographers, painters, illustrators, yogis, designers, performing artists, musicians, writers, ceramists, actresses, filmmakers, Influencers, interior designers, content creators and more…)
  • Gain deeper clarity with your life + soul's purpose while taking aligned action toward your goals. 
  • Connect with your creative, intuitive wisdom to understand your higher purpose and direction.
  • Mindful habit-changes, daily empowerment rituals, and clearing emotional blocks to create space for growth and success.
  • Awareness on topics such as; work/life balance, dreams, values, focus, purpose, release from creative blocks, cleansing of emotional blocks, grounding, mindfulness, inspiration, confidence, productivity, fulfilment, self-compassion, presence, creative flow, passion, money blocks, authenticity in sales and self-promotion.
  • In person sessions are hostet at Christina's home in Aarhus or online.

45 Min Online Session: €199 (1.450dkr.)

2-Hour In-Person Session: €389 (2.897dkr.)

5-Hour In-Person Session Including Lunch: €999 (7.442dkr.)

1-Day Individual Hands-On Photography Training:

  • a full day from 10AM to 5PM, Including Lunch.
  • hands-on training designed to your specific needs: Choose between topics like manual shooting, working with light, styling a scene, visual storytelling, dark & moody photography, bright & airy photography, Lightroom editing, Photoshop editing, food photography, flower photography, still life photography, content creation, Instagram training and iPhone photography.

Investment: €1.699 (In Danish Kroners: 11.500dkr ekskl moms).

To book your individual coaching session or photography training, please contact Christina:

Christina's Background & Experience in Short:

  • 49 years old. Danish. Living in Marselis, Aarhus and the countryside of the island of Funen.
  • Mom to three young adults (24, 26, 30) and two French bulldogs.
  • 25 years of experience in psychology/human transformation/coaching/therapy.
  • 14 years as a professional photographer. Started out as a portrait photographer, and moved into fashion and beauty - then travel, lifestyle and still life photography.
  • 12 years as a photography educator running the Lifestyle Photography Academy.
  • Dedicated multi entrepreneur since the age of 15, exploring the following industries; art, design, interior decoration, fashion, fitness, dance, and personal development.
  • Bought and renovated 9 historical homes in five years.
  • Master coach and passion coach, Mindfulness instructor, meditation teacher, NLP therapist, and Hypnotherapy master.
  • Currently studying to become a yoga teacher with focus on Yin Yoga, Yoga therapy and Restorative Yoga.
  • Love flower design, decorating, gardening, walking and dogs.

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