Is The Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii The Perfect Pocket-Sized Camera?

I love this tiny compact camera! The Canon G7x is ultra user friendly, shoot great photos in automode, produce excellent video content AND it weighs only 300gr, which makes it a fantastic travel companion!

But why look for the perfect pocket-size camera when today’s smartphone camera is so good?

Here’s the deal; for the most part you can easily do with just your iPhone camera to capture those lovely travel moments. Smartphones have in many situations replaced the need to get a real camera. Not for professional photography work but for those vacation snapshots that we all enjoy to capture.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

And even though I use my iPhone camera a lot, I still want to the option to bring an excellent camera with me when I travel, bike around the city or hike in the countryside. And because I don’t want to bring my big, heavy DSLR with me I’m on a mission to find the perfect pocket-sized travel camera.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

Let’s do a quick comparison; iPhone 13, which is the one I use currently, has 12 megapixels, compared to Canon g7x that comes with 20 megapixels.

And the new iPhone 15 launching later this year will feature a 48-megapixel camera. So as you can see, the competition is on in how well these cameras capture the details.

Even though the iPhone camera is great, a compact camera will always have a much larger sensor than the smartphone. And this means overall better image quality, better low-light performance, and artistic shallow-depth of field performance.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

While the sensors on compact cameras might be smaller when compared to professional full frame DSLRs, they are massive compared to the sensor on your phone.

The Canon G7x Mark ii was released in 2016, so I’ve had it for some years. It was designed mainly for content creators and is one of the best easy-to-use vlogging cameras on the market.

Self Portrait with Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

In 2019 came the new version; the Canon G7x Mark iii. The two cameras are almost similar, so I have never felt the need to upgrade.

The only difference is that the mark iii shoots 4K video and cost a bit more. Mark ii cost about $730 USD and the Mark iii just around $900 USD.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

A few years ago I bought the The Canon G7x Mark ii to use for video content, and loved it so much I ended up buying two of them! I only just recently started taking photos with it and I must say I really like it.

Is it perfect? That depends on your needs! If you compare the image quality with the pro DSLR images, there’s a big difference. So if you want to shoot high-end, magazine worthy images, sell high resolution prints and work professionally, you need a DSLR or a Premium Mirrorless camera.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

But if your goal is to capture beautiful photos for social media and the family album, in the most simplistic way, this camera is a real joy to work with. I have tested it for travel photos, landscape, flowers, food, dogs, family and self-portraits at I must say I’m impressed.

I love that it is so small that I can fit it into my pocket or handbag along with my iPhone. It doesn’t have a viewfinder, so you have to use the LCD screen. That fits me well, because that’s how I shoot most of the time anyway.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

It has a super fast focus and as I set the focus with my finger on the touch screen it also takes the photo. That means I can slide the camera up and quickly take a shot without making too much fuss about it.

It also has a really good zoom lens, which makes it fantastic as a landscape and travel camera. I can stand in one spot and get many different compositions, and I also don’t have to get too close on my subjects which is a big plus! The only downside is that the zoom is a bit slow.

Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

I recently, tested the The Canon G7x Mark ii as a selfie camera and it was such an easy workflow. I put the camera on a tripod, activated the selftimer 10 sec interval and used my iPhone as a remote. The great things is that the camera has a flip screen so you can see yourself as you take the photos, and easily place yourself correctly in the frame.

Behind the scenes: The Canon G7x on a tripod.
Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

If you use the Canon Connect app on the iPhone to control the camera, and the self-timer + you can see the images right away and instantly download the good ones to your phone – ready to post on social media. So if you dream of making the selfie process fast and easy, this camera can help you.

That’s all for now. I wish you a wonderful day!

Love, Christina

Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve
Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii shot by Christina Greve

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