Dreams + Fear + Doing It Anyway = Success

F.E.A.R. A little four-letter word powerful enough to stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. All the stories you make up in your head about WHY you cannot do something; fear is behind ALL of them.

Some of the most common fears creatives experience include:

  • The fear of looking or sounding stupid.
  • The fear of what other people will think.
  • The fear of not having what it takes.
  • The fear of annoying people.
  • The fear of investing time and hard work in the wrong things.
  • The fear of making the wrong decision.
  • The fear of being rejected and getting a NO.
  • The fear of disappointing yourself or others.
  • The fear of proving your inner critic right.
  • The fear of not moving fast enough.
  • The fear of not making enough money.
  • The fear of entering a saturated market.
  • The fear of failure.
  • The fear of success.

If you feel fear; it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you are human, you will experience fear in some form or another. There’s no way escaping it.

Fear will always show up when you strive for great things and take risks because fear hates an uncertain outcome.

The brave is not the one who doesn’t feel afraid. It’s the one who feels the fear and ACT in spite of fear.

The sooner you accept that fear is a natural part of life, you can allow your dreams and goals to be greater than your fears. 

Instead of wasting time waiting for the fear to go away you ACT. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Make the “fear of missing out on the life you were meant to live” be the biggest fear of them all. 

Repeat after me; “I feel fear, but I won’t let it stop me”.

>> Dreams + Fear + Doing It Anyway = Success

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About Christina Greve

Christina Greve is an experienced Photographer, Educator & Mindset Coach with a passion for flowers, decorating & country living. She's the founder of The Lifestyle Photography Academy + The Empowered Creative Show. She provides tools, education and inspiration designed to help multi-passionate women, artists and creative souls find direction, push through self-doubt + make a living doing what they LOVE.She is known for her elegant storytelling photography and draws much of her inspiration from the Nordic countryside, travels, food and still life.Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, blogs and books worldwide. After a decade of working with psychology, Christina's passion for photography evolved into a full-time photography and coaching business.Today she runs a thriving + fast-growing international empire specializing in professional online training, motivating and engaging female photographers, designers, bloggers, makers and creatives. She has coached thousands of fabulous women from more than 40+ countries.With her Podcast "The Empowered Creative," her popular Instagram posts, and quickly sold-out workshops, Christina has become the go-to person for many creatives seeking like-minded sisterhood, real support and heartfelt encouragement.