Coping With Fear, Uncertainty And Lockdown

Yesterday, I shared my thoughts on the current world situation over at instagram. Because of all the positive responses I got, I decided to turn my thoughts into a longer blog post. I want to be here for you and support you during this very unreal situation.

I think the fear of the unknown is the ultimate fear of them all. The uncertainty and unpredictability of the Coronavirus is suddenly our new normal, so if you feel fear, stress or anxiety I get it! It’s totally understandable because the situation make us feel a lack of control.

When we feel powerless we stop focusing on our purpose and our goals but the truth is that, although the situation is uncertain, you can decide to take back the power of your thinking and make the best of a bad situation.

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is!”

Accept what you cannot change

The very first thing you need to do in order to cope with chaos and uncertainty is to accept the current situation. Accept what you cannot change.

The best motto for dealing with any crisis is this “It is as it is“. Meaning; the sooner you accept reality and what you cannot change, the sooner you can get through it and work with what you actually can change.

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be”

The solution is on the other side of panic

When the world is chaotic be the calm rock others can look to for guidance. Don’t ride the wave of panic. Create your own wave of optimism and share it with those in need of comfort.

As long as you stay afraid, angry, sad, frustrated or in panic over the situation, you will be in pain. You have to protect your energy. Don’t waste your precious energy resources on negativity. It is as it is and you will get through this. And you get through it by focusing on what you can do.

You are stronger than you think and you have all the resources inside of you to deal with this unusual and demanding situation. Your strength is found in you being calm. 

Don’t take part in creating panic. Reduce how much of your day you spend talking about your fears and the Coronavirus. 

Limit your family’s exposure to news coverage

Reduce how much you watch and read the news. Stay updated every day about your country’s regulations but when you’re updated stop reading and watching. You need to protect your mind and your nerves.

Be mindful of your thoughts. All fears stem from how you think about your current situation. That’s also why you need to limited your focus on the negative news. Spend time on activities that helps you think happy thoughts. Do what you love.

Lockdown = guilt-free slow living

If you’re on lockdown with your kids, remember that this is a unique chance to spend quality time with them and be fully present. Slow down, bake, paint, play, draw, read stories and dance.

Help your kids focus on the positive parts of life. They need you to take leadership in the most optimistic way.

Count your blessings because there’s so many wonderful things in this world. You can choose to be fearful or you can choose to be grateful.

The bottom line is that finding thankfulness for the “little” things like hugging your pet, holding hands, having roof over your head, being loved, being alive, having friends, walking in nature and listening to music, is what will get you through this.

Keep working on your creative goals

Personally, I will continue to work on my creative goals and my business. It might feel like the world is standing still at the moment, but it’s very much moving and I wanna be ready (not behind) when everything gets back to normal again.

The lockdown is a perfect chance for you to dedicate time to your passion and hobbies. Take an online course, do a creative challenge, re-design your website, create inspiring content for your blog or re-think your business model. Spend your time doing what you love because is’s not only beneficial to your mind and health, it also makes you a great role model for your family and friends.

If you love photography, why not join me and other fabulous creative women from all over the world in the Online Photography Academy Program. This is a fantastic way to spend your time during lockdown, and grow your creative skills while being in a supportive and positive group.

Focus on your health

The lockdown is a great chance to focus on your health and boost your immune system. Personally, I see this as a great opportunity to live more simplistic and healthy. So I’m doing a juice and water fast. I have fresh juice in my fridge and I just take one out when I need it. No cooking, no shopping needed.

It’s extra important to get as much sleep as possible, especially if you have flu like symptoms or feel anxious. If you have a hard time falling asleep I recommend going to bed with a glass of warm milk (or tea) with honey. It calms the body down and helps you ease into sleep. Listen to a sleep visualisation or sleep hypnoses.

Last but not least, move your body. Normally, I go to the gym several times a week and work with my personal trainer. Now that I can’t go, I do what I can at home. One of the best benefits of exercising is that it helps you feel mentally strong as well.

I recommend doing HIIT or Yoga. Both types of workouts can easily be done at home and will help you stay calm and connected with your body + overcome stressful times. My favourite workout youtube channels are:

For Yoga check out; Yoga With Adriene

For HIIT Workout: Heather Robertson

That’s it for today.

Stay safe my dear friends❤️

Love, Christina

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