Workshop Review and Pretty Pictures by Tina Engel


I LOVE surprises! And I got such a wonderful surprise yesterday:-)

A student of mine; Tina Engel wrote the sweetest review about my workshop on her blog. Tina started my workshop almost 10 weeks ago and the journey she, myself and all the other amazing creative women have taken together has been AMAZING! I will never forget any of them, each and everyone are so special and giving!

I pinch my arm every day – feeling so lucky to teach what I love to such a passionate group of shutterbugs :-)

Every time a student of mine express appreciation and excitement for the workshop, I can´t help but feel the thankfulness deep in my heart. Tina´s words about her experience with my 10-week online workshop are so generous and kind – You can read her review here.

I´m proud of Tina, because she has truly worked hard during the workshop to implement everything she has learned (which we all know is a challenge if you have three little boys like Tina has). Tina has not been afraid to ask questions when she at times got stuck – which I love – because in my workshop, there´s no such thing as a dumb question!

The last module in the workshop is the Blogging Module and these last days Tina has build her brand new blog ALL by herself, following tips from the workshop and learning herself some basic CSS coding. I´m so impressed with her effort and her photography!

All images in this blog post is styled and photographed by Tina Engel.

NB: I´ve gotten a lot of emails lately asking about my next online workshop. I have been careful not to promise anything because I´m so busy all of 2014. But I finally managed to make changes to my schedule. Now I´m able say that my next workshop official begins in Sept. 2014.

You can get on the waiting list here.

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