“I really want to follow my dream, but…first I need to go to work, then pick up the kids, then cook dinner, then…Ohhh I feel tired, I will do it tomorrow.” 

Does that sound familiar?

Then, tomorrow there´s a school meeting, a birthday party and you promised to help bake a cake…..and then the next day it will be the same all over again.

Time flies. You want more hours while you are waiting….and waiting…and waiting…for a chance to get that extra time to follow your passion, your dreams and goals.

But here’s the thing: NOTHING and NO ONE will suddenly come around and hand you those extra hours on a silver platter. YOU have to create it!  

If you don’t do anything about it, tomorrow will turn into never.

If you are not running your own life, it will run you!

You might wonder, analyze, judge and criticize yourself, while you worry about what might be happening and what others think of you. You think “I must do something,” and then you focus on chores and busy work, rather than STOPPING and FEELING what is actually important to YOU and your life.

It is only you, and no one else, who can create the best life for yourself and make time for what you truly want.

To change things around start making deliberate decisions. Decide what in your life is essential and non-essential. Cleanse your life from noise and distractions to create the mental space that is needed and to unlock time to create your dream life.

How to do it:

Take out a piece of blank paper or a journal. Draw a line in the middle of the paper.

On the left side, write down all the non-essential things that:

  • drain your energy or make you feel used, sad, angry and so on
  • you do to please other people
  • you do to impress other people
  • you do because you THINK you must do it, but you really don´t like doing.
  • you wish you had the courage to say no to, but still do because you are afraid of a conflict with a friend or family member.
  • are clearly time-wasters, like too much TV, too much Facebook, sleeping too long or getting up late

Now decide what on this list you can let go of right now!

Outloud say: DELETE AND LET GO. Then put it behind you. Stop wasting any more of your precious time. You must waste no more energy on these things.

Life is SHORT. The time you have is the time you have: use it well!

Now on the right side of the paper, write down all the things you would LOVE to do—all the essentials in your life, all that matters to you, all that you want to spend more time on!

Write down all the essentials in your life that:

  • make your body feel good and strong
  • make you feel utterly excited
  • make you feel good about yourself
  • make you feel rested and peaceful
  • make you feel happy and full of joy
  • will bring your dreams, goals and desires to fruition

Now go do much more of those things!

In order to be the best version of yourself and feel happy, change your behavior so you spend quality time on things that are important to you and to your life.

Opt out of all the non-essential things in your life. These non-essential things should not take your attention or use up your limited time.

If you allow the non-essential stuff to take over your everyday life you will simply not be happy. But if you focus on the essential things, you will find it easier to live wholeheartedly, to develop your goals and dreams and to become the best version of yourself. 

Take care,





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