Editorial Storytelling & Fine Art Photography

Editorial Storytelling & Fine Art Photography with Christina Greve

Outdoor Workspace

At this time a year, I like to set up an outdoor workspace. A place where I can photograph and arrange flowers, food and still life in the fresh air.…


Memories Of An Old Rose

My daughter recently turned 18 and a dear friend gave her these pretty pink roses. When I saw the roses in her window, almost dried up and dead, with the…


Moodboard | Moments of Mindfulness

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By Christina Greve

Slow Living

Here´a few photos from my last stay in my home in Skagen. This place, this area, is one of the most popular vacation spots in Denmark. During the Summer, it´s…


Moodboard | Drama & Mystic

Images: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 Im´so in love with this dark, dramatic style. Full of mystic and spiced up with a splash of colors. xoxo,

Interior | My Home In Skagen

In June 2014 my family and I purchased our second home. A charming + authentic yellow house from 1931, located in the North of Jutland in a small seaside village…

By Christina Greve

Self-Compassion Is The New Black

Dear Photographer, Dear Creative Soul Growing your photography skills and building a photography business takes time and effort; full of ups and downs. The more sympathetic, supportive and encouraging you…

FREE Wallpapers [ Flower Theme ]

I´m in the mood for some new wallpapers! What about you? I designed six  different backgrounds/screensavers for you to enjoy. Just pick the one you like the best, and download the…

6-Week Online Workshop

Registration for my my 6-week online photography workshop are closing soon! I´m SUPER busy behind the scenes making everything ready and I can´t wait to motivate, guide and support my…

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Ultimate SPRING Photo Checklist

Yes! Spring is slowly sneaking up on us. Thank goodness for that. February has been long, dark, dull and cold, but today, the Sun is shining from a clear blue…

Image by Christina Greve

Stop judging your talent by comparing your behind-the-scenes bloopers to somebody else’s highlight reel

Dear Photographer, Dear Creative Soul Do you sometimes feel your progress is slow? Do you sometimes blame yourself for not being talented enough, and not doing enough with your career?…

Moodboard | Brown & Cream

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camera bags women

5 Stylish & Fabulous Camera Bags

Are looking for a new camera bag for the upcoming Spring/Summer season? These fabulous camera bags are perfect for looking stylish on the go + they are built of good…

Start Loving Yourself Today

Dear Photographer, Dear Creative Soul Every second you spend doubting your worth, and every moment you use to criticize yourself, is a valuable moment of your life thrown away. I…

How To Make Your iPhone Photos Bright & Sharp

If you wonder how to create, professional-looking, beautiful, bright and sharp photos with your iPhone – this tutorial is for you. Everyday iPhone snapshots tend to be dark, full of…

Easy Homemade Granola with Honey

Today I made Granola. It makes plain yogurt so much more interesting and it´s quick, healthy + easy to make. There´s many great ways to make Granola. The recipe I…

Lifestyle Photography Workshop - Learn Editorial Storytelling & Fine Art Photography

Lifestyle Photography Workshop – Learn Editorial Storytelling & Fine Art Photography with Christina Greve

Discover all the exciting aspects of capturing editorial storytelling & fine art photography with my new online photography workshop. Inside of the Lifestyle Photography Workshop, you will find ALL the help + support you need and deserve to gain tremendous knowledge and experience with photography.

  • You’ll dramatically increase your skills in styling, working with photoshop and digital photography. No more guessing – you´ll discover ALL the secrets!
  • I will help you create fantastic images captured with natural light. I will use my years of experience to save you expensive mistakes and tons of time so that you can get better results faster.
  • I will show you (step-by-step) how to rock Photoshop and Lightroom. Because I know from personal experience the value of a quick professional workflow.
  • I will show you how to beautifully showcase your work on your website, blog and/or Facebook page, to impress visitors and potential customers.
  • I´m entirely invested in your learning journey and here to make sure that you have the information that you need to succeed.

Learn more about the workshop here >>