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Do you wish to cut down on time spend in post production? If so keep reading.

Today I will introduce you to my favorite presets for Lightroom made by my photography friend Rebecca Lily.

I was first introduced to Rebecca back in 2009 when I was a complete beginner in the world of photography. I joined Flickr to meet with like-minded and share my photos. Since then we have both come a long way. I´m not so new to the industry anymore and Rebecca has started creating Presets to help and support creative photographers.

Rebecca Lily Presets are designed for both professional and enthusiast who shoot digital and/or film. The best thing about the presets is the timeless, authentic color palette. This is professional film-inspired color grading that will take your photos to the next level with one click, saving you significant time in post production.

I personally started using Rebecca Lily Lightroom Presets about a year ago. I purchased Preset Pro I + Preset Pro II for Lightroom.

It quickly became clear to me that theses presets was made with care and love. So when Rebecca asked me to test her new preset pro III, of course I said yes!

I´ve had a few days to get to know the presets and try them on various images of mine. Some testing is needed to find out how the presets work for different kinds of photos. Not all presets are good for all photos and the only way to find out is by experimenting. When you understand how they work and what type of pictures they fit you will be able to edit faster than you can say: edit :-)

I´ve ONLY spend about 1 minute to edit the photos I show in this review. For each photo I clicked about 3-5 different presets to find the best fit. When I found the right one then all I had to do was to save the image. Voila! It can´t be much easier than that.

To use the presets with success, it´s best to use photos that are correctly exposed. The presets are the final touch.

If my photo is a little overexposed or underexposed I do a few more adjustments before I add the preset, then it might take a little more than a minute to finish it. But still it´s fast!

Rebecca Lily Presets can be applied to both RAW and JPG files and are available for both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

Much Love


PS. I almost never recommend products on my blog and if I do I don´t get paid. I ONLY recommend products that I really truly LOVE and use myself.

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Nordic seaside by Christina Greve

I´ve spend a lot of time up north this Summer. Taking pictures, working on my workshop and moving into my new Summer cottage in Skagen.

It´s been a really busy Summer, yet magical and more beautiful than ever. I feel so grateful to be able to photograph all these beautiful people, places and things – I believe that being a photographer makes you SEE ordinary things with new eyes and realize just how amazing our daily surroundings are. Life is stunning. Love it.

Happy weekend lovelies,

Much Love