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Ever since my fabulous trip to Venice, I´ve gotten a lot of emails from readers asking about the hotel I stayed at, so I decided to write a little about my experience.

Hotel Ai Reali is a small, four-star, wellness hotel in the absolute center of Venice. The Hotel is located just around the corner from the famous Rialto Bridge, the food market, and the shopping streets.

From the airport, I got a taxi boat to take me directly to the hotel. The trip is expensive (about 120 Euros) and takes about 20 minutes.

There´s also a bus-boat you can take, which is much cheaper but also a lot slower. I arrived late afternoon and wanted to reach Venice before it got dark. Also did not want to try and find the hotel myself in the labyrinth streets of Venice. I was happy paying extra for the private boat service.

There´s something magical about arriving by boat. The scenery and architecture you pass on your way is a beautiful reminder of the history of Venice. It leaves you feeling both excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Venice is simply amazing!

The hotel staff took good care of me when I arrived. The room I got was fantastic. It was super cosy, romantic and stylish. The bed was just as comfy as it was beautiful.

From the windows, I looked directly down at the canal. OMG, what a view! The green-blue water, the gondolas, the service boats, the pastels colors of the buildings – I was taking it all in.

One thing I really love about Venice is how quiet it is, there´s no traffic, no cars, no bikes…it´s just quiet. The perfect location for slowing down, boost creativity and restore energy.

Hotel Ai Reali also has a nice restaurant ( I recommend their seafood dishes) and a small Spa. I tried the Delete Stress Massage treatment, and it was excellent – perfect self-care after walking around the city all day with a camera over the shoulder.

It´s a good idea not to leave the hotel without a street map. Even with the map, you must prepare to get lost. The good news is that Venice is properly one of the prettiest places on earth to get lost.

Before I went to Venice, I read somewhere, that most Venetians suffered from tourist-rage. If this is true can we really blame them? Venice is a city utterly over-run by tourists – it is especially crazy during Summer.

I must say that I only had good experiences with the people of Venice. Everywhere I went, people were SUPER friendly, helpful, and did the best they could to make sure I had a good time. The people of Venice captured my heart just as much as the city it-selves. To make sure you have the best stay possible visit out of season.

Hotel Ai Reali was the perfect home away from home and I can´t wait to go back again!

Much Love,

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