Hi There, Beautiful - I´m Christina

Lifestyle Photographer, Soul Empowerment Coach and Psychology-Driven Business Mentor. I´m combining 20 years of experience in psychology with my journey in becoming a professional lifestyle photographer, educator and online entrepreneur. I offer that safe and inspiring environment, many creatives seek when starting out.

I strive to inspire, motivate and help fabulous women rock their creative lifestyle. If you’re ready to follow your PASSION, evolve your CREATIVITY and live your life to the fullest —you’ve come to the right place. I’m your support on that journey.

Through my online programs and one-on-one mentoring, I have coached thousands of fabulous women from more than 40+ countries. My mission and goal is to empower creative women to SHINE, and confidently design a highly profitable business doing what they love.

My belief in life is simple: Be real, be kind, follow your talent, create from your heart, focus on what matters most and slow down to enjoy life. That´s what I´m all about, and that´s my vision when I teach workshops and write on my blog.

Besides being a lifestyle photographer, I am trained as a life coach, business coach, passion coach, mindfulness instructor, cognitive therapist, a certified master in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) positive psychology and hypnotherapy. 

My most important training comes from my life experiences; a life-long creator/artist, a former elite dancer + instructor, becoming a mom at the age of 19, living in three different countries, and being an entrepreneur having built three 6-figure businesses from scratch and up. Also being a super sensitive introvert and dealing with severe depression in the past, have taught me valuable life lessons that made me who I am today.

I´m dividing my time between the beautiful countryside in the north of Denmark, in the small seaside village of Skagen and the lively, urban city life of Copenhagen and Aarhus. I love the change of scenery and being on the move inspires me tremendously. I appreciate the fast-paced rhythm of a big city, but also more thoughtful, quiet moments in nature. I´m lucky to be married to my best friend of 25 years - he´s my inspiration and my rock.

I boost my creativity through various activities — jumping on my trampoline in the morning, writing, walking my dogs, meditating, arranging flowers, re-designing my homes and traveling. I can rest my eyes on a beautiful landscape for hours – just as I love exploring the hectic city life with all the galleries, restaurants, sounds and shops. I´m lucky to live in a place with spectacular light, and all four seasons. I think life is magical and, if you pay attention carefully, it will show you so many incredible things.

With Love,

Christina Greve