• Professional Photographer
  • Creativity Coach
  • Life Design Mentor

I help heart-centered women, passion-driven makers and creative souls optimize life + make a living doing what they LOVE.

If you’re ready to turn your creative passion into a fulfilling + thriving business —you’ve come to the right place. I’m your support on that journey.

I´m combining seventeen years of experience in psychology with my journey in becoming a professional photographer, educator and online entrepreneur.

With my workshops I offer that safe and inspiring environment, many photographers + creative souls seek when starting out.

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Here´s the thing;

No one has ever gained success from chasing their dream every once in awhile

No one has ever reached their goal just by thinking about it.

If you are serious about your dream, you must go for it – every day!

The good news: you don´t have to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

The biggest pitfall is believing you got to do it all at once - alone.

 Breathe deeply, trust in you, lift your head high and take baby steps.