Chalk Paint: The Perfect Backdrop For Photography

Chalk Paint: The Perfect Backdrop For Photography

I often get asked about the walls in my studio and what type of paint I use. So today, I´m sharing my secret with you; I use chalk paint!

I absolutely love chalk paint. It makes the best backdrop for photography. Chalk paint has that beautiful texture I adore with softness as well as depth. It´s also the most matte paint you can get and super calming to the eyes. Plus it adds atmosphere and mood which helps with the storytelling.

It´s super easy to apply chalk paint to your walls, just make sure to use a large brush in good quality. One layer is often enough and it takes just a few hours to dry.

Because I use chalk paint a lot (I should be sponsored, haha) I have developed a love affair with a few brands and those are the ones I recommend: Kalklitir (they ship internationally) and Lady Minerals from Jortun (Scandinavia) and Annie Sloan (Europe).

Below you can see some more examples. Keep in mind that the color of your chalk wall will change depending on how you edit your photos. If you add a preset, raise saturation or darken the image, the wall color might change. But this just adds to the creative fun.