About Christina

I’m Christina Greve, l strive to inspire, motivate and help you rock your creative lifestyle. If youre ready to follow your passion, evolve your creativity and live your life to the fullest —youve come to the right place. Im your support on that journey.

My belief in life is simple: be real, be kind, follow your talent, create from your heart, focus on what matters most and slow down to enjoy life. That’s what I’m all about and that´s my vision when I teach workshops and write on this blog.

I´m combining years of experience in psychology with my journey in becoming a professional photographer and online entrepreneur. I offer that safe and inspiring environment, many creatives seek when starting out.

In short; who are you and where are you located?

I´m Christina, professional photographer, creativity coach and life design mentor based in Denmark. I´m dividing my time between the beautiful countryside, in the small seaside village of Skagen and the lively, urban city life of Copenhagen and Aarhus. I love the change of scenery and being on the move inspires me tremendously. I appreciate the fast-paced rhythm of a big city, but also more thoughtful, quiet moments in nature. I´m lucky to be married to my best friend and together we have three kids + two french bulldogs.

When did your journey with photography begin?

My adventure in the world of photography began back in 2009. I started photographing women. Later my passion developed into lifestyle photography, with a strong desire to experiment with flowers, food, landscape and still life. After a decade of working with psychology, therapy, mindfulness and coaching, I decided to follow my dream and start a professional photography business.

I`m 100% a self-made photographer and today I´m combining years of experience in psychology with my journey in becoming a professional photographer. Through my training and mentoring, I´ve coached thousands of fabulous women from more than 40+ countries. I am able to offer a safe and inspiring learning environment, one that many budding photographers and creators seek when starting out.

How would you describe your photography style?

That is always a tough question to answer as I like to think it´s ever changing. I don´t want to lock up my creativity with a certain style. But I guess you can say that my style is mostly bright, fresh, and elegant with a touch of Nordic mood. I also love the “dark and moody” photography style which is perfect for fall/winter in my Nordic country. I like to challenge myself to practice shooting new styles. I think it’s important to explore new ways of looking at things. I always come back wiser and with new skills.

What does a typical day in the life of Christina Greve look like?

I´m all for slow mornings, which begins with a cup of warm, comforting coffee, an energizing wheatgrass shot, daily vitamins and a walk with my dogs. After that, I set my intention for the day, plan my priorities and head for a workout. I believe in a healthy self-care routine – before I start my workday. Later I get on with photoshoots, blogging and creating content for my training programs -all to the beats of my favorite music. The evenings are my special time with family and friends.

If you had to shoot with only one lens for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would go with the 50mm 1.4. It´s a workhorse!

What do you turn to when you’re in need of inspiration?

I find inspiration through so many things — especially the contrast between nature/simple living and urban city life. I can rest my eyes on a beautiful landscape for hours – just as I love exploring the hectic city life with all the galleries, restaurants, sounds and shops. I´m lucky to live in a place with spectacular light, and all four seasons. I think life is magical and, if you pay attention carefully, it will show you so many incredible things. I´m also inspired by my kids, who all three of them are very creative souls with strong opinions. They are my go-to people for honest feedback and artistic companionship.

Your daily therapy?

Nature. Chocolate. Being with my man, my kids, and my dogs. Laughter. The smell of my favorite perfume. Educating myself. Making memories on top of memories.

What camera do you shoot with?

I´m currently shooting with a full-frame; Canon 5D Mark iii. Also, I use my iPhone almost every day.

I don’t believe that the camera and equipment matter much. It’s like golf: winning is all about the golfer, not the club. You can shoot great pictures with any camera, even a toy camera or your iPhone. What matters most is the passion and creativity that a photographer brings to a shoot. My motto is: never put gear before creativity. Which is also an excellent way to save money…

Your thoughts on creativity?

Creative passion ebbs and flows, and sometimes it can feel like it disappeared and won’t return. You need to know that even the BEST photographers, artists and entrepreneurs in the world, have at one point in their lives, felt this way. ALL creative people have. If they haven’t yet, then they will at some time during their creative careers. It’s 100% normal! The fastest way to get your creative mojo back is to be gentle with yourself, to take a break, travel, enjoy life, play and have fun. Let go of worries and be delighted that your creative mojo WILL return while you take care of you.

What do you love most about being a photographer?

Oh gosh, where shall I begin?

Photography has changed my life in a powerful way: it has opened countless new doors; it’s enabled me to meet amazing and talented people; and, I’ve learned more than I ever have about life and creativity.

I love the freedom and the exciting challenges that come with running my own business. A typical workday does not exist in my life. Each day brings something new, and I think that’s why I never lose my passion or get bored. I love the personal connection with my clients, readers, and students. There is tremendous joy in sharing your passion with like-minded people! What I love most is that I never feel like I’m working!

Tips for aspiring photographers?

My main advice would be to stop comparing yourself to others and to be proud of and thankful for who you are. Most photographers are not born great—they become great by growing and evolving into their potential. When you put in the effort, when you work hard, when you continue to experiment, learn and test—and when you keep playing with your camera—you will grow and become better. There is no shame in being a beginner—and there is no shame in asking for help as you grow as a photographer!

Challenge yourself to kick fear in the butt. There is no doubt that it can be very emotionally-daring to expose yourself and your photography to the world. That’s because you put so much of yourself into your work and you can feel vulnerable. People can sometimes be quick to judge you and be critical—and when they do, it can hurt. So if and when this happens to you, please remember that they are responding to you based on their own taste and that their taste is just different from yours.

Therefore, stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone take your passion for photography away from you. Also, remember to take notice of—and remember—all the positive feedback you receive. Fortunately, there are so many supportive people who love photography—and they’ll be there to cheer you on.