12 Inspiring Foodies to Follow on Instagram

12 Inspiring Foodies to Follow on Instagram

Don´t you just love those weekends, when you have all the time in the world to slow down and do whatever you like?

I´ve been pampering myself with yoga and alone time in the kitchen making homemade Thai food. I also spend a few hours looking for delicious recipes on my favorite blogs and instagram feeds.

Today I´m sharing 12 inspiring foodies to follow on instagram. Some of them I´ve followed for a long time and some are new accounts I´ve recently found. They are all super amazing! Beautiful photography, incredible styling and mouthwatering food! Enjoy!

12 Inspiring Foodies to Follow on Instagram

#1: @thekitchenmccabe

#2: @alison__wu

#1: @the.green.life

#3: @thebotanicalkitchen

#4: @ophelieskitchenbook

#5: @mettehelbak

#6: @silvia_salvialimone

#7: @a_violet_dream

#8: @matchaeologist

#9: @whatforbreakfast

#10: @adelasterfoodtextures

#11: @thefreakytable

#12: @raw_health_fitness

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