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Hi, I'm Christina

My mission is to inspire, motivate and help you capture beautiful photos + rock your creative lifestyle. If you’re ready to follow your PASSION, evolve your CREATIVITY and LIVE life to the fullest —you’ve come to the right place. I’m your support on that journey.

I'm combining 25 years of experience in psychology with my journey in becoming a professional lifestyle photographer, educator and online entrepreneur. I offer that safe and inspiring environment, many creatives seek when starting out.



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february 2, 2013 | online program

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I love doing workshops! Imagine being surrounded by inspiring and creative women from all over the world, all united by a shared passion for styling and photography. That’s exactly what happened at my recent workshops that I hosted in my private home. The energy was electric as we explored the endless possibilities of still life,

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If there’s one thing my dogs love almost as much as food and sneaking into my bed, it’s being photographed. As a photographer working from home they’re always with me, and every chance they get they photobomb the scene I’m shooting. A workday with them is never dull! For these photos, I was planning on

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I LOVE editing photos. It’s my meditation and such a HUGE part of my creative style. I dare say that image editing is 50% of the process to achieving a signature style. As a photographer working with just the available light, the conditions are not always perfect enough to achieve beautiful images straight out of camera. (almost never in fact).

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5 Hard Lessons I’ve Learned from 30+ Years as an Entrepreneur Are you ready? Here we go! #1. It’s from our struggles that we grow the most So if I learned anything, it’s that there’s no wrong or right path to starting a successful business. There is just trial and error. The most important thing

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