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This week I´ve been styling and photographing for Lene Bjerre, a popular danish interior brand.

I´ve personally loved their products since I was a young girl, so when they called and asked if I would get creative with their products it was an easy yes.

The romantic design of Lene Bjerre fit my own photographic style so well. Needless to say; it´s been pure creative joy to do this shoot.

Here´s a selection of some of the easter inspired photos I did.

Christina Greve

Christina Greve

Christina Greve

Christina Greve

Christina Greve


Lene Bjerre Design

I´ve never been much into Easter decoration, mostly because I´m not fund of that bright yellow color.

Still I wanted to do something to create a cosy atmosphere in my home.

And who´s to dictate what colors I can use anyway?

- I am, right :-)

Lene Bjerre Design

So when I got these beautiful over-sized pastel blue coffee cups from Lene Bjerre Design, I got the idea to use them for a simple Easter decoration.

You can use anything you have around the house really; cups, mugs, small vases and pots.

The key is to choose a colour that will look pretty with the flowers you picked.

Lene Bjerre Design

I took some large eggs, emptied them and carefully made the hole big enough for a little flower (with a large needle).

I then stuffed the coffee cups with kitchen-paper, added the egg on the top and used moss to support it.

Tip: If you have trouble fastening the egg you can use a glue-gun.

I filled the eggs with a little bit of water and added flowers. Easy and fast :-)

Perfect as table decoration for the big Easter family dinner!

Lene Bjerre Design

Lene Bjerre Design

Lene Bjerre Design


green moodboard

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aa text to instagram photos

A question I get asked a lot is this: “How do you add text to your Instagram photos?

If you wonder the same this tutorial is for you!

If you have Photoshop it´s a great program to use. It´s easy to add FREE fonts to play with and your possibilities are endless.

But what if you are not a Photoshop-geek and you just have an iPhone?

The way to do it is by using apps – some are free and some cost a little. And as with most things you get more options if you choose a paid app.

My favorite app to use for adding text is PicLab. Priced at $ 1.99 but gives you plenty of creative freedom. You can find it in the app store right here.

I like this app because not only can I add text, but also artwork, light leaks, textures and photo filters + I can do basic adjustment to my photos.

In the beginning it takes a little practice to figure out how to create nice designs, but once you know how, it rocks.

The great thing about PicLab is that once you open it, it gives you the option to click a on a link named “inspiration” which will take you directly to their Instagram feed and here you can view tons of creative ways on how to add text. This is helpful to boost your own ideas.


But what if you have taken a beautiful photo with your big-girl-camera in stead of your iPhone, wish to add text to it and share it on Instagram?

Option One:

When you are on your computer, email the photo to yourself. Then when you are on your iPhone again, open the email and save the photo to your photo album on the phone. Open up the text app you wish to use and add the text – then share it on Instagram. Easy right!

Option Two:

If you have a Dropbox membership on your computer, you can sync it with your iPhone. Simply download the Dropbox app to your phone (it´s free), log in with your username + password and give it time to sync with your computer.

Make sure that the photo you wish to use is already in your Dropbox folder on the computer – or else move it there. Then open up the Dropbox app on your iPhone, let it sync for a few seconds, select the photo and download it to your photo album on your phone.

Now open op the text app you wish to use and choose the photo from your folder – then let the fun begin and add text. Easy peasy!

More great apps to use for adding text:

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